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PSL 310


Course Description

Pre-health professional students need an especially strong foundation in physiology because successful later course work, and indeed, a successful profession requires it. It’s like building the foundation for a house out of strong material (cement, not rotten wood) before you build the house and decorate the rooms. Finishing the house and decorating the rooms makes sense only if you know you are on good footing. Also true is that no matter how good you are at decorating, if the foundation is not sound, your house has serious problems.

Physiology will build the foundation or the basement, upon which you may build a large, lavish structure which you can then ornately decorate (i.e. your health profession and then your specialty). My overall goal as your Professor is to help you build this solid foundation. We have a very limited amount of time, and can’t cover everything I’d like to (everything about how the body works is interesting, almost always fascinating), but I hope to give you the tools (information, concepts, principles, and the thinking skills) to build the strong foundation on which to build that lavish, ornate house.