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Course Override Information

College of Natural Science Override Request Links

All override requests for courses in NatSci departments, except mathematics and statistics, must be submitted through https://overrides.natsci.msu.edu/

Please also see the following information about override requests from specific NatSci departments

Other Override Request Links

Updated Lab Application (as of March 2024): https://bit.ly/ANTRLabApp

  • Application Due Dates
    • Spring and Summer Semester: October 1
    • Fall Semester: March 1
  • NOTE:
    • Enrollment is done continuously, starting in March for Fall applications and in October for Spring and Summer applications.
    • Applications will continue to be accepted until enrollment is completed
    • For more information, please contact Josh Vincent at vincen29@msu.edu

Frequently Asked Questions about Course Permissions/Override Requests

We cannot override your assigned enrollment appointment date and time. Enrollment Appointments are set by the Registrar's Office, and all dates/times are final. If the course is full before you can enroll, the approved override request will then allow you to add yourself to the waitlist once you are able to enroll.

If the course is full, enrollment-limit overrides are never granted. You will need to add yourself to the waitlist. If you need a prerequisite override, please use the College of Natural Science Override Form. 

Yes, so long as students have the pre-requisites for both courses. Please use the College of Natural Science Override Form.