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Physiology Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

Department of Physiology Undergraduate Awards

The following student award opportunities exist within the Department of Physiology:

  • Joseph & Mable Meites Award (1 winner)
  • Senior Research Award (5-10 winners)
  • Outstanding Senior Service Award
  • Outstanding Junior Service Award

Department of Physiology Thomas Adams Memorial Scholarship (for B.S. in Physiology students only)

Dr. Thomas Adams was a faculty member for 44 years and had a special affinity for teaching undergraduate students. He taught an estimated 11,000 students in his tenure as a professor. He also served as an academic advisor, advising students in the Department of Physiology, the College of Human Medicine, the Honors College, Lyman Briggs College and the American Medical Student Association.

In 2011, Dr. Adams' family established this scholarship to honor his lifelong desire to help students. Each year, the Department of Physiology selects juniors and seniors majoring in physiology to receive the Thomas Adams Memorial Scholarship. Students are selected based on intellectual curiosity, financial need and demonstrated academic promise.

Thomas Adams Memorial Scholarship Application

Past Recipients

  • 2013: Kevin Kelly
  • 2014: Rachel Brock & Jonathon Skurya
  • 2015: Ronald Roseman
  • 2016: Clarisse Richardson
  • 2017: Ryan Mack
  • 2018: Christopher Occhiuto
  • 2019: Ryan Nazareno
  • 2020: Matthew Cederman
  • 2021: Michael Bekele
  • 2022: Kelsey Gullick

College of Natural Science Research Scholarship Opporunities

  • Larry D. Fowler Endowment Undergraduate Research Stipends (Deadline: April 1)
  • Laurence D. Harrup Undergraduate Research Scholarship (Deadline: April 1)
  • Undergraduate Research Support Program (Deadline: April 1)

College of Natural Science Scholarships & Financial Aid (Applications open in January)