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Decorative photo of Physiology summer camp

Mission Statement

The Physiology department is dedicated to working with local youth through our outreach efforts. We aim to raise awareness about health and disease through teaching about human and animal physiology.  MSU students, staff, and faculty volunteers host numerous events year round. The Physiology Society Undergraduate Club is the main source of volunteers.

Physiology laboratory student projects

decorative image



  • 4/4: MSU Science Festival Mini Expo
    • Michigan State University, 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • 4/18: MSU Science Festival
    • Biomedical Physical Sciences Building, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Physiology Phun Day Event Photo

Physiology Understanding Day

Our flagship event is Physiology Understanding (PhUn) Day in early November each year.  This event is a partnership with Impression 5 science center.   PhUn Week is an international event to build partnerships with scientist and K-12 teachers and students.  For more information or to request an event in your classrrom please visit the PhUn week website.

MSU Summer Camps Decorative Image

MSU Summer Camps

MSU hosts a number of camps on campus, generally during the summer, and we have the pleasure of joining them for several! Whether it takes a few hours, an entire day or a couple weeks, we are able to showcase physiology and show our temporary physiologists several techniques of human subjects’ laboratory research.
MST at MSU Summer Camp
Grandparents University
Young Future Phenoms


K-12 Physio Activities Decorative Photo

K-12 Physiology Activities

Looking for ways to help a child, teenager, or adult expand their physiology understanding in a unique and interesting way? Explore the activities we have provided, separated by age group.

Elementary School
Middle School
High School
General Health Activities


Photo of MSU Science Festival Participants

Other Outreach Events

Furthering physiology education in our local community is very important and we are proud to partner with a number of other unique events and organizations to promote physiology education.

MSU Science Festival
Girl Scout STEM Day
4H Science Day
Science Olympiad State Tournament


Elementary School Nights Decorative Photo

Elementary School Science Nights

Donley, Marble, Glencairn, Whitehills, Beagle, Lansing Charter Academy.
Individual classroom visits on request.



Learning Resources Photo

Learning Resources

Hoping to explore more cutting-edge stories or findings that are out of the ordinary? Dive deeper into resources related to both every day human and animal physiology.
Everyday Physiology
Physiology of Animals


Volunteer to teach with us
Contact the Department of Physiology's Youth Program Director,
Professor Erica Wehrwein


Request us at your school or event
Contact the Department of Physiology's Youth Program Director,
Professor Erica Wehrwein


Key Outreach Staff

Erica Wehrwein, Ph.D.