Department of Physiology


Congratulations NatSci Faculty and Staff Award Winners

Pictured from left to right are Dr. C. Lee Cox (department chair),  Dr. Susanne Mohr (CNS Teacher-Scholar Award Winner), Amy Porter (CNS Staff Employee of the Year) and L. Karl Olson (CNS Undergraduate Teaching Award).

$4.15M Grant Explores How Diet and Sunscreen May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Michigan State researchers Richard Schwartz and Sandra Haslam have been awarded a five-year, $4.15 million NIEHS grant to examine how diet and sunscreen may increase breast cancer risk.

Physiology department leads Beckman Scholars Program

Students will know how to integrate into labs in the future, work with others and do ‘team science.'

Investigating promising treatments for depression, drug addiction

Our goal is to advance and design . . . novel treatments [for drug addiction and depression] in the long run.

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