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Cancer Research Symposium

A special thank you to each of our Models of Cancer Symposium presenters.

2015 CHM Faculty Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Uhal, Dr. Eran Andrecheck, Dr. Kathy Gallo and Dr. Bill Spielman.

Sixth annual Classes Without Quizzes serves up a healthy dose of courses

Dr. Gina Leinninger discusses obesity in her talk titled "Genes that Control the Size of our Jeans: Studying the Brain for Obesity Clues."

Dan Hollern: Making a Difference in Cancer Research
Dan Hollern is a graduate student in the College of Natural Science studying cell and molecular biology.
As a graduate student working towards my Ph.D., my ultimate goal is to make a difference in human health with meaningful and translational cancer research. At Michigan State, I have had the unique privilege to utilize cutting edge technology in my research. - See more at:
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