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Administrative Staff Responsibilities

Financial Management Primary Backup
General Funds (GA, GH, GR) Bourland McNamara
Acad. Consulting & Conference Svcs (DS) Bourland McNamara
Gifts (RN), Endowments (NR, NX, RH, RN, RT) Bourland McNamara
Research (RC, RG, DY, GR,GT) McNamara Bourland
Start-Up (GE) McNamara Bourland
Service Centers (XT) Brown Bourland
Budget Bourland N/A
Reimbursements Business Interns Thomas
Requisitions/POs Spitzley Bennett
Pre-Award Services (Grants/Industry) CNS Research Support Office CHM/COM Research Support Office
Human Resources & Payroll Primary Back-up
Academic Staff - Continuing Ly Jackson
Academic Staff - Fixed Term (Research & Teaching) Jackson Ly
Evaluations (Academic & Support Staff) Ly Bourland
Faculty - Tenure System & Fixed Term Ly Jackson
Faculty Tenure System Reappoint, Promotion, and Tenure Ly Robinson
No Pay - Faculty/Academic Staff Jackson Ly
Student - Graduate Assistants & Graduate Hourly Jackson Ly
Student - Undergraduate Hourly Robinson Jackson
Support Staff Ly Bourland
Temporary & On-Call Robinson Jackson
Visa Renewals Jackson Ly
Operations & Other Primary Back-up
Electronic System Access Bourland Bennett
IPF Service Requests Bennett Spitzley
Effort Reporting McNamara Bourland
Space Inventory Bennett, Spitzley Bourland
Chairperson Calendaring Ly Bourland
Package Receiving and Handling Spitzley Bennett
BPS Keys and Card Reader Access Spitzley Bennett
EHS Liaison & Compliance Bennett Spitzley
AirGas Cylinder Management Spitzley Bennett
Department Provided Supplies Spitzley Bennett
Capital Asset Inventory & Tagging Bennett Spitzley
Academic & Events Primary Back-up
Room Scheduling (events) Thomas Robinson
Course and Room Scheduling - Undergraduate Courses Robinson Jackson
Course and Room Scheduling - Graduate Courses Jackson Robinson
Lecture Series and Events Thomas Robinson
Student Receptions/RCR Training Thomas Robinson
Faculty/Staff Professional Development Events  Ly Robinson
Course Overrides Robinson Jackson
Communications & Information Technology Primary Back-up
Travel System Support Thomas Business Interns
Press Releases & Contact Information Lee Univ Communications
Photography Scheduling Lee Way, Shaltry
Website Updates & Maintenance Shaltry Lee
Website Directory Updates - Faculty/Staff Shaltry Jackson
Website Directory Updates - Grad Students Jackson Shaltry
IT Service Support NatSci.Ticket@msu.edu NatSci.Ticket@msu.edu
Computer Purchase Assistance Shaltry NatSci.Ticket@msu.edu