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PSL 499: Physiology Senior Research Thesis 

PSL 499 Form

General Overview and Guidelines

  • A senior thesis is conducted over 2 semesters, with 2 credits per semester. The grade for the first semester is contingent upon completion of the second semester and the written thesis.
  • Students will conduct in-depth, independent, mentored research related to physiology and will write a thesis based on their research.
  • Two professors will assess the thesis: the student’s research mentor and an additional faculty. At least one of these faculty must be from the Physiology Department.  Students must receive faculty approval to enroll via completing form above.
  • The thesis should be 15-20 pages long, should include a significant survey of the field (2 page minimum) with references to original literature in physiology and related fields. The student is required to present research at the UURAF, MidSURE or another local, regional or national meeting as approved by the two faculty members.
  • The student will submit their thesis to the two faculty members for review at least two weeks before finals week. Based on the comments from faculty, the student will revise the thesis for a final submission, due on the first day of finals week by 5PM. 
  • A final copy of thesis must be provided to the Department of Physiology prior to submission of grade (Pass/No Pass) to the Registrar’s Office. 


Contact Physiology Academic Advisor, Dr. Lori Seischab (seischab@msu.edu)