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Neuroscience Club

The MSU Neuroscience Club is a registered student organization dedicated to providing opportunities and connecting students interested in neuroscience.

In the club meetings, members discuss current research that is conducted by neuroscience faculty, provide opportunities for members to participate in research labs, network, explore career possibilities, participate in a mini-UURAF, sheep brain dissections, course scheduling, and more. Events include socials to meet other members, fundraising for the club and other important organizations, and outreach/volunteer opportunities to the surrounding community.

Club meeting and events are open to all students at MSU who are interested in neuroscience or related fields. Please email RSO.Neuroscience@msu.edu or contact one of the eBoard members directly with any questions you may have. 

Stay connected with the Neuroscience Club on the Involve@State page, their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Linktree