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X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator

X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator (located in room 1114 Biomedical Physical Sciences Building) is a self-contained X-ray system for delivering radiation dosages safely and effectively to specimens e.g. cell cultures, small animals. All users are required to have completed the EHS online class entitled Analytical X-Ray Radiation, prior to being trained in the proper use of the machine.

The X-RAD 320 has the following features: X-ray Tube

  • Maximum Potential: 320KV
  • Maximum Power: 4000W
  • Type: metal ceramic, fixed anode, oil to water cooled

Filters: Allow beam conditioning to achieve specific beam HVL’s (Half Value Layer)

  • F1: 2.0mm Aluminum (HVL @ 1.0mm Cu)
  • F2: 0.75mm Tin + 0.25mm Copper + 1.5mm Aluminum (HVL @ 3.7mm Cu)

User Friendly Operator Controls:

  • TouchRAD Control Panel
  • Password Protected User Accounts
  • Programmable Settings, easily recall exposure parameters

Additional Features:

  • Automatic warm-up with Intelligent Tube Conditioning
  • Dose Measurement & Control (extrapolate the dose desired at a particular sample distance, and turn off x-rays when a pre-selected dose is achieved).
  • Two radiation chambers for mouse whole body irradiation studies. Each holds up to 12 mice.