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Physiology Endowments

Thomas Adams Memorial Scholarship

Family and friends established this endowment in memory of Thomas Adams, Ph.D., retired Professor and academic advisor in the department of Physiology. Dr. Adams was a faculty member for 44 years and had a special affinity for teaching undergraduate students. His research focused on body temperature regulation, including gastrointestinal control and sleep regulation. He was also very interested in using computer technology in research and in classrooms. The endowment establishes scholarships to support juniors and seniors majoring in physiology, to honor Dr. Adam’s lifelong desire to help students. 

C.C. Chou Endowed Seminar In Physiology

Ching Chung Chou, M.D., Ph.D., retired MSU Professor in the department of Physiology and the College of Human Medicine. During the course of his career, Dr. Chou influenced the education and careers of thousands of professional and graduate students. He was responsible for the organization and administration of the medical physiology course and was instrumental in moving the medical curriculum to problem based learning. His research focused on the cardiology system. He received the College of Human Medicine Distinguished Faculty award in 1988 and 1989. The endowment established support for the honorariums and related expenses of biomedical scientists to come to MSU to present seminars to the department of Physiology. Dr. Chou’s intention was to promote exchange between scientists in order to expand the research and teaching of physiology at MSU.

Jack R. Hoffert Memorial Endowment

Family and friends established this endowment in memory of Jack R. Hoffert, Ph.D., former Professor in the department of Physiology. Dr. Hoffert earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree from MSU. He was renowned for his research in comparative ocular physiology. The endowment established a scholarship to be given each year to qualified physiology graduate students. The endowment may also be used to supplement learning and teaching equipment.

Joseph and Mable Meites Lectureship Series

Joseph Meites was one of the most influential faculty ever associated with the MSU Department of Physiology. His career spanned the period from the early 1940s through the 1980s. During that period of time he published over 500 peer-reviewed papers, making seminal contributions to the understanding of neuroendocrine function.  In 1979, he was presented the Carl G. Hartman Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Society for the Study of Reproduction, for his elucidation of the functions, regulation, and diseases associated with prolactin secretion. He also contributed to the identification and isolation of the first peptide hormones, which eventually yielded Nobel Prizes for his colleagues Roger Guillemin and Andrew Schally. Around 1940, Joe met Mable Rumburg , who was studying for a degree in technology at the University of Missouri, and they married in 1943. Mable went on to get a Masters in Medical Social Work, later teaching this subject as an instructor at the Washington University in St. Louis while Joe obtained his Ph. D. In 1947, they then moved to Michigan State University, where both were active members of the community for the rest of their lives. Upon his retirement, in 1984, Joe and Mable, set up “The Joseph and Mable Meites Scholarship Fund” to promote their belief in the importance of research and education in the betterment of humanity.  As Joe wrote in 1978, “Scientific research is not without its problems and frustrations, but there also are many compensations. Among the greatest satisfactions for me has been the opportunity to be associated with many young, bright, and motivated … students.”  The Meites awards ensure that such young, bright and motivated students will continue to have the opportunity to follow in Joe’s and Mable’s footsteps.


Wade, Nicholas. The Nobel Duel. New York: Doubleday 1981.


John F. Sander and Nancy K. Dunkel 

Memorial Lecture Fund Family and friends established this endowment in memory of John F. Sander and Nancy K. Dunkel to fund annual lectureships in pathology and physiology. It is intended that the lectures will be given on the campus of Michigan State University.