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Research Groups

Physiology Research Groups

The Physiology Department has two main research focus areas:

  1. Mechanisms of Systemic Diseases, Molecular Metabolism and Physiology
  2. Cancer Molecular Biology/Physiology

Within these areas are research sub-groups focused on specific disease processes and physiologic concepts.

Mechanisms of Systemic Diseases, Molecular Metabolism and Physiology

Molecular Metabolism and Disease

Focus: Understanding mechanisms accounting for disease development, progression and complications (retinopathy, osteoporosis, bone marrow pathology, artherosclerosis and neuroendocrine changes). Diabetes and Inflammatory bowel disease are focus areas.
Faculty: Busik, Mohr, McCabe, Parameswaran

Diabetes and Obesity

Focus: Identifying how diet (high fat), diabetes, leptin, and inflammation impacts organ function directly and systemically.
Faculty: Busik, Haslam, Mohr, Olson, McCabe, Parameswaran, Leinninger, Doseff, Wiseman


Focus: Neural regulation of organ system function, including metabolism, intestinal motility, cardiovascular system, spinal cord regeneration, glaucoma, and Parkinson’s disease.
Faculty: Wang, Weber, Schneider, Gallo, Cox, Mazei-Robison, Robison, Gulbransen, Crandall

Cardiopulmonary Disease

Focus: Mechanisms of lung injury, cardiovascular disease and blood flow and potential treatment options.
Faculty: Uhal, Robinson, Parameswaran, Meyer, Kreulen, Wiseman

Gastrointestinal Disease

Focus: Gastrointestinal function and disease, including inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis, and bile atresia. 
Faculty: Parameswaran, Olson, Luckie, Li, McCabe, Xiao, Gulbransen, Doseff

Musculoskeletal Disease

Focus: Mechanisms of muscle and bone adaptation to disease and aging.
Faculty: Wiseman, Meyer, McCabe

Cancer Molecular Biology/Physiology Research

Breast Cancer and the Environment

Focus: Understanding environmental and dietary factors that affect hormonal activity (estrogen and/or progesterone) and the development and progression of breast cancer.
Faculty: Haslam

Breast Cancer Signaling Networks

Focus: Identifying the signaling pathways that lead to the development and progression of breast cancer.
Faculty: Haslam, Gallo, Andrechek, Xiao, Doseff

Liver Cancer

Focus: Mechanisms promoting liver cancer.
Faculty: Xiao