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Douglas Luckie, Ph.D.

Area of Research Interest [PDF]

Douglas B. Luckie, Seth Hootman & Mei-Hui Tai –Molecular Physiology Research:
Luckie, Hootman (emeritus) and Tai’s collaborative research programs have involved questions ranging from the physiology of changes that occur in cystic fibrosis and other perturbations to collaborative research with Astra Zeneca on pancreatic effects of promising pharmaceuticals.

The research projects were in collaborations with faculty in Physiology: Drs. Zipser, Busik, and Olson, in Toxicology: Dr. Trosko, faculty in Microbiology: Drs. Todd Ciche, Martha Mulks & Terry Marsh, as well as Plant Pathology, Dr. George Sundin and Jeanette Jacobs.

Douglas B. Luckie & Ryan Sweeder –STEM Learning Lab Education Research:
Luckie and Sweeder also serve as principal investigators of the “STEM Learning lab" which employs undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and collaborating faculty who pursue biology/physiology education research. Our research group examines how theoretically grounded experimental approaches in teaching can increase student learning in science.

This research program led to collaborations with a range of faculty in several units including Drs. Elizabeth Simmons and Brian O’Shea in Physics & Astronomy, Richard Bellon in History, Jim Smith in Entomology and Diane Ebert-May in Department of Plant Biology.

Selected Publications

D.B. Luckie, Van Alst AJ, Massey MK, Flood RD, Shah AA, Malhotra V, Kozel BJ. Chemical rescue of ΔF508-CFTR in C127 epithelial cells reverses aberrant extracellular pH acidification to wildtype alkalization as monitored by microphysiometry. Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 2014, 451: 535-40.

*D.B. Luckie, J.R. Aubry, A.M. Rivkin, B.J. Marengo, L.A. Foos and J.J. Maleszewski (2012) Less teaching, more learning: A 10-year study supports increases in inquiry alongside decreases in “coverage” yield steady gains in student learning of science. Advances in Physiology Education 36: 325–335. *Selected as “Editor’s Pick” of the American Physiology Society.

D.B. Luckie, M.E. Krouse (2012) Cystic Fibrosis: Does CFTR Malfunction Alter pH Malfunction? Genetic Disorders (12): 319-344.

D.B. Luckie, R. Bellon, and R.D. Sweeder (2012) The “BRAID”: Experiments in Stitching Together Disciplines at a Big 10 University, Journal of STEM Education 13(2): 6-14.

D.B. Luckie (2012) A faculty cocktail as treatment: Unearthing pedagogies that promote interdisciplinary learning and habits of mind. Invited paper for the Conference on Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. (

W.H. Newell and D.B. Luckie (2012) Pedagogy for Interdisciplinary Habits of Mind. Proceedings of Conference on Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning (, Michigan State University, East Lansing. MI.

D.B. Luckie, J.R. Aubry, A.M. Rivkin, (2013) Verbal final exam in introductory biology yields gains in student content knowledge and longitudinal performance. CBE-Life Sciences Education (submitted in January 2012, Accepted in June 2012, in press).

D.B. Luckie, J.J. Smith, K.S. Cheruvelil, C. Fata-Hartley, C.A. Murphy, G.R. Urquhart (2013) The “Anti-Cookbook Laboratory”: Converting “Canned” Introductory Biology Laboratories to Multi-week Independent Investigations. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching: Proceedings of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education, 34, (submitted in September 2012, accepted in November 2012, in press).

D.B. Luckie, R. Bellon, and R. Sweeder (2013) Bringing Relationships Alive through Interdisciplinary Discourse (BRAID). International Journal of Learning (submitted in June 2012, accepted in December 2012, in press).

Main Office

Department of Physiology
 Biomedical Physical Sciences (BPS) Building
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Main Phone: 517-884-5000
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Department Chair

C. Lee Cox
Dr. C. Lee Cox

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