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Casey Henley, Ph.D.


NEU 230 Basic Concepts in Neuroscience
Introduction to fundamental neuroscience concepts including neuroanatomy, neuronal signaling, and molecular mechanisms of learning and memory

NEU 300 Neurobiology
Structure and function of nerve cells and nervous systems

NEU 841 Medical Neuroscience
Detailed survey of nervous system structure and function with an emphasis on medical applications

Main Office
Department of Physiology
 Biomedical Physical Sciences (BPS) Building
567 Wilson Rd Rm 2201
Main Phone: 517-884-5000

Department Chairperson

Dr. Charles "Lee" Cox
Dr. Charles "Lee" Cox
BPS Building Rm 2201E
Phone: 517-884-5050

MSU Research Integrity Officer
Wills House
287 Delta Court, Room 106
Phone: 517-432-6698
Research Integrity Office