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Brandon Coughlin, Ph.D. Brandon Coughlin, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Regulation of IL-6 Signaling in Human Retinal Cells and Tissue in Health and Disease

Advisor: Susanne Mohr, Ph.D. 

Graduated: Summer 2019

Sonia Gentile, Ph.D. Sonia Gentile, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Targeting Cellular Signaling Pathways in ER Positive Breast Cancer

Advisor: Susan Conrad, Ph.D.

Graduated: Fall 2018

Jonathan Kasper, Ph.D. Jonathan Kasper, Ph.D.

Dissertation: The Role and Regulation of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase in Skeletal Muscle Bioenergetics and Type 2 Diabetes

Advisor: Robert Wiseman, Ph.D.

Graduated: Graduated Fall 2018

Sarah Keaton, Ph.D. Sarah Keaton, Ph.D.

Dissertation: The Role of Inflammation and the Kynurenine Pathway in Mood

Disorders and Pregnancy

Advisor: Lena Brundin, M.D., Ph.D.

Graduated: Spring 2019

Fatma Madi, M.S. Fatma Madi, M.S.

Thesis: Neuroprotective Effect of Intraocular Bdnf and Optogenetic Stimulation of Visual Cortex on Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival and Function in the Rat following Optic Nerve Injury

Advisor: Arthur Weber, Ph.D.

Graduated: Fall 2018

Jonathan Schepper, Ph.D. Jonathan Schepper, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Investigation of the gut microbiota as a mediator and therapeutic target for secondary osteoporosis

Advisors: Laura McCabe, Ph.D. and Narayanan Parameswaran, BVSc., Ph.D.

Graduated: Spring 2019

Lisette Yco, M.S. Lisette Yco, M.S.

Thesis: Therapeutically Targeting Autophagy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Advisor: Jeff MacKeigan, Ph.D.

Graduated: Spring 2019

Robert Zondervan, Ph.D. Robert Zondervan, Ph.D.

Dissertation: The Thrombospondin-Cd47 Axis in Skeletal Fracture Biology

Advisor: Kurt D. Hankenson, DVM, Ph.D.

Graduated: Fall 2018