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Physiology Program Requirements

Physiology Undergraduate Program Requirements

Skill Sets Stressed for Physiology Program Majors

  • Development of a strong foundation in the biomedical sciences
  • Understanding of normal physiology and disease processes
  • Preparation for a wide variety of careers in biomedical research and allied health
  • Critical thinking and problem solving in an integrative discipline
  • Development of practical laboratory skills
  • Use of computers for data acquisition and management
  • Intensive exposure to the biomedical Literature
  • Exposure to the use of animals in biomedical research

Basic Science Courses:

  • Two semesters of biology with labs (molecular and cellular biology, population biology)
  • Two semesters of general & inorganic chemistry with labs
  • Two semesters of organic chemistry with labs
  • One semester of physical chemistry
  • Two semesters of physics with labs
  • Two semesters of biochemistry
  • Math through calculus I and II
  • Probability and statistics

Upper Division Biology Courses

  • Two semesters of physiology covering all the major organ systems
  • Capstone laboratory in physiology
  • Physiology in health and disease (an introduction to pathophysiology and chronic disease)
  • Tier II topics in physiology (upper division writing course)
  • 300-level anatomy or developmental biology elective