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NEU 499: Neuroscience Senior Research Thesis

Neuroscience Senior Research Thesis form

General Overview and Guidelines

  1. Students will pursue independent neuroscience research in a lab mentored by a neuroscience faculty member.
  2. Students will enroll in 3 credits of NEU 490: Special Problems in Neuroscience (Independent Study) in either fall, spring or summer semester and complete the independent research under the guidance of a mentor.
  3. The following semester, students will enroll in NEU 499: Neuroscience Senior Research Thesis for 2-3 credits. Students will need to complete a 15-20 page senior thesis based on the work and findings of the independent research.
  4. The thesis committee will comprise of two faculty members. The first member of the committee will be the research mentor and the other member will be an additional faculty mentor.
  5. Students are expected to submit their thesis at least two weeks before finals week (during the semester they are enroll in NEU 499). Based on the feedback of their thesis committee members, the students are expected to edit their research thesis and submit the final thesis by midnight on the first day of finals week.
  6. In addition to these credits, students will also be expected to present their research at UURAF or Mid-SURE or a local, state or at national conference as approved by the thesis committee.

Students who wish to enroll in NEU 499 should complete and email the form before the respective add deadlines of each semester. Deadlines to add courses can be found on the MSU Academic Calendar.

Undergraduate Director
L. Karl Olson, Ph.D.
Academic Advisor
Becky La, M.A.

Education Program Coordinator
Bradley Robinson
2240 Biomedical Physical Sciences
567 Wilson Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-5150