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Course Override Information

About Override Requests

In general, when departments approve your override requests (aka course permission requests), you are not automatically enrolled in the course. Approved override requests only allow you to enroll in the course on https://student.msu.edu if there are still open seats when your enrollment date and time begins.

NOTE: We cannot override your assigned enrollment appointment date and time. If the course is full before you can enroll, the approved override request will then allow you to add yourself to the waitlist once you are able to enroll.

Override Requests for Classes in Departments in the College of Natural Science

All override requests for courses in NatSci departments, except mathematics and statistics, must be submitted through https://overrides.natsci.msu.edu/​​​​​​​

Please also see the following information about override requests from specific NatSci departments

Other Override Request Information

For Non-NEU Students Minoring in Cognitive Science & Want to Enroll in NEU 301 & NEU 302

Students pursuing the Cognitive Science minor who are not Neuroscience majors are able to take NEU 301 and NEU 302 so long as they have the pre-requisites for NEU 301, which are BS 161 and BS 162 or BS 181H & BS 182H or LB 144 & LB 145. 

To be able to enroll in NEU 301 as a Cognitive Science minor: 

In the override/course permission request, students need to note they are pursuing the Cognitive Science minor

Undergraduate Director
L. Karl Olson, Ph.D.
Academic Advisor
Becky La, M.A.

Education Program Coordinator
Bradley Robinson
2240 Biomedical Physical Sciences
567 Wilson Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-5150