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Physiology M.S. Coursework


Required Courses for Master's Students Credits
PSL 813: Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease and Targeted Therapies 3
PSL 828: Cellular and Integrative Physiology I 3
PSL 829: Cellular and Integrative Physiology II 3
PSL 950: Topics in Physiology (2 semesters; 1 cr/sem) 2
One 800-900 level elective 3-4
PSL 899: Master's Thesis Research 8-15


Elective courses are selected to fit an individualized curriculum.

Courses are selected by the student in consultation with the graduate program director and research mentor.

Required Total Credits = 30

A minimum of 16 credits must be at the 800-900 level. A student entering the Master's Program who already has successfully completed any of these required courses must select additional, advanced courses, with the approval of their Guidance Commitee and the Director of Research and Graduate Studies. The student might choose, or be asked by his/her Guidance Committee, to take additional courses based on their background and the relevance of the course to their research project.

A student must maintain a 3.0 cummulative grade-point average for all courses counting toward the Master's degree (University regulation). In addition, a student must not accumulate more than 2 grades below 3.0 in courses earning credit toward the Master's degreee (Department requlation). If either of these criterion is not met, the student will be dis-enrolled from the Program.