Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate

Two research associate positions are available in the Gulbransen lab at Michigan State University on projects funded by the NIH, DOD and CCFA to study neuroinflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. The Gulbransen lab is focused on understanding how inflammation in the nervous system (neuroinflammation) leads to long-term changes in neural circuitry. Within this context, we focus on the regulation of neural networks by glial cells, with particular interests in clarifying the role of glial cells in nervous system physiology and elucidating how glial changes during neuroinflammation contribute to neurodegenerative diseases. We are addressing this issue by exploring how interactions between neuron, glia and immune cells regulate gut physiology and pathophysiology.

Applicants should possess a Ph.D. or M.D. degree and have experience in neuroscience, immunology and/or gastrointestinal physiology. Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) and the ability to work as a team member are essential. The position requires the ability to lead projects and work co-operatively with others. Ideal candidates will have excellent organizational and time management skills.

Salary between $37,874.00 - $38,000.00

Interested candidates should apply through – Posting #3201 and #3202.

Thank you for your interest in this position. The screening and selection process is currently underway and will continue until a successful candidate is chosen. Should review of your qualifications result in a decision to pursue your candidacy, you will be contacted.